Manifeste 2012
Day by day program / May, 2012
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Philippe Manoury Series

The soloist, the chamber and the concert works of Philippe Manoury meet the music of his predecessors (Berio), of his contemporary friends (Ichiro Nodaïra), and of the upcoming generation (Yann Robin and Francesca Verunelli). A dialogue continually maintained by the composer among artists and friends, a shared technical emulation. A day of study (June 12) will shed light on the composer's position faced with scientific, social, and cultural upheavals.

Friday, June 1


Launch of ManiFeste-2012 and portrait of Philippe Manoury with the premiere of Echo-Diamónon.

Friday, June 8


The crossing of contemporary piano from Philippe Manoury's work Pluton to Nicolas Tzortzis' silent piano.

Saturday, June 9

Ex Machina: Manoury - Berio

Musical thought today must be able to interact with the new technologies and to adapt itself creatively to every kind of space, exploring its virtualities and reshaping it acoustically. Luciano Berio

Sunday, June 10

Arditti Quartet

Performed for the first time by the Arditti Quartet in October 2010 in Donaueschingen, Stringendo is the second string quartet written by Philippe Manoury.

Monday, June 11

Diotima - Contet

While Tensio is Philippe Manoury's most experimental work to date, a comprehensive survey of technology and poetry (writing of the synthesis, polyphony in heterogeneous times), fruit of many hours spent in the studios and laboratories, Over the sea is Édith de Chizy's first dive into the world of electronics.

Tuesday, June 12

Study Day. Philippe Manoury

ManiFeste-2012 sketches the portrait of an artist who has the present in a hold: Philippe Manoury.

Tuesday, June 12

Accroche Note

For its first Parisian concert the Accroche Note ensemble will present works by composers with whom they have a friendly relationship.

Wednesday, June 13

Inferno - Synapse

Inferno, the large work by Yann Robin is his personal reading of Dante's Divine Comedy.