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The subject of this interdisciplinary symposium is to provide an overview of today's knowledge and practices of the production of time and to incite the cross fertilization of contributions by artists, designers, and performers with those of researchers in mathematics, computer science, cognitive sciences, the humanities, philosophy, and aesthetics.

With Yves André (ENS), Alain Bergala (Fémis), Gérard Berry (Inria), Antoine Bonnet (composer), Arshia Cont (IRCAM), Claude Debru (ENS-Académie des sciences), Claude Delangle (saxophonist), Nicolas Donin (IRCAM), Laurent Feneyrou (IRCAM-CNRS), Patrick Flandrin (CNRS-ENS-Académie des sciences), Jean-Louis Giavitto (IRCAM-CNRS), Petr Janata (UCDAVIS), Ed Large (UPENN), François Nicolas (ENS), Thierry Paul (CNRS-École Polytechnique), François Regnault (playwright), Pierre-André Valade (orchestra director).

Download the detailed program (pdf, 2.7Mo)

Thursday, June 14

9am Welcome
9:15am Opening Speech. Frank Madlener, Hugues Vinet (IRCAM)
9:30am Speaking of Time In a Formal Manner. Gérard Berry
10:15am Geometrization of Time and the Proper Time of Geometric Objects. Yves André
11am Break
11:30am From Authored Time to Produced Time in Computer Music. Arshia Cont and Jean-Louis Giavitto
12:15pm Within Time Itself (Interview with Nicolas Donin). Claude Delangle
1pm Break
2:30pm Time Produces a Meeting of Music and Dance - Zeitung by Anne Teresa de Keersmæker and Alain Franco. Antoine Bonnet
3:15pm Theatrical Temporality and Musical Temporality. François Regnault
4pm Break
4:30pm Chaos and Crater - Interval and Time in the Works of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Bernd Alois Zimmermann. Laurent Feneyrou
5:15pm The Time of Dynamics and the Dynamic of Time. Thierry Paul

Friday, June 15

10:30am Welcome
10:45am Can a Frequency be Instantaneous? Patrick Flandrin
11:30am Tonality Tracking: Coupling the Temporal Structure of Harmonic Motion in Music with Brain Activity. Petr Janata
12:15pm Musical Communication through Resonance. Ed Large
1pm Lunch
2:30pm Orchestra Conducting and Performance (Interview with Nicolas Donin). Pierre-André Valade
3:15pm Running Time and Immobile Time. Alain Bergala
4pm How Listening to the Time Produced by a Performance generates a Form as Sum. François Nicolas

Symposium organized by IRCAM, the École Polytechnique, and the École normale supérieure. With the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the université Pierre et Marie Curie.

Photo: © Christophe Eyquem

Thursday, June 14 and Friday, 15, 9:30am-6:30pm / IRCAM, Igor-Stravinsky Room