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Day by day program / May, 2012
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Night: Light

Alban Richard has created Night: Light, a work designed for IRCAM's Espace de projection: an installation-performance that combines several scores; the musical score of Raphaël Cendo, the lighting score of Valérie Sigward, and the choreographic score of Alban Richard.

These three mediums work together in a porous mutual effort to sculpt the time and space of a venue, to submerge the audience. Performed by Alban Richard, the dance is based on a protocol of actions to be carried out, and on constant research of the notion of pivot-movements found throughout the labyrinthine writing. A process that finds resolutions only in relentless activity.

A project by Alban Richard, Raphaël Cendo and Valérie Sigward
Choreography and performance Alban Richard
Music Raphaël Cendo, commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou
Lighting Valérie Sigward
IRCAM Computer Music Design Olivier Pasquet
Ensemble Alternance
Costumes Corine Petitpierre
Assistant Choreographer Martha Moore
Consultant for functional analysis of the body in danced movement  Nathalie Schulmann
Text Extracts from Leaves of Grass (1855) by Walt Whitman

A production by the ensemble L'Abrupt. An IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou coproduction with the support of the SACD.

Photo: Alban Richard © Agathe Poupeney


Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, 3, IRCAM, Espace de projection

  • Schedule: Saturday, 7pm & 10pm, Sunday, 4pm & 7pm
  • Ticket Prices: Full Price 18€ | Discount Price 14€ | Pass: ManiFeste 10€, What Next 8€