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Pierre and Philippe Schoeller

The Sound-Image, the Image-Sound; On the Film L'Exercice de l'État

We have already worked together on several films. Our artistic process is based on the intersection of different representations: the visual image is used as a source for movement and the musical structure; conversely we find the image-sound, listening to a musical time produces signs and moving forms, virtual narrations.

The cinema as music creates an articulated language, tells stories, and produces mental images beyond our sensorial perception. If, beyond the writing of the scenario, the technique of the production of the visual image is based on an empirical approach, through the rushes and the editing, that of the composers relies on an abstraction of the sound-the score, the tool for description of sound electronics-but calls upon the same mental apparatus: to see the film of what we imagine hearing. To compose. To imagine sound flow.

From the director's empiricism to the symbolic formalism of the composer, an endless number of interactions and transformations can be constructed, one by the other, one for the other, one with or against the other, enabling a force field: from pure poetry to a synaesthesic image. The sudden appearance of a "perceived third party": audiovisual art.

Pierre Schoeller, born in 1961, studied literature and cinema before going on to study at the Ecole Louis Lumière in Paris. His first short film, coproduced with Olivier Wahl was Basse Température (1984), followed by Deux amis in 1996 with Michael Lonsdale and Jean Mercure. Pierre Schoeller became a writer for made-for-television movies. For the cinema, his first films focused on social issues: L'Afrance (2001), Quand tu descendras du ciel (2003), and De particulier à particulier (2006). In 2003, he returned to film direction for TV with Zéro défaut. His first feature-length film, Versailles in 2008, is a humanistic story of contemporary vagabonds and L'Exercice de l'État in 2011 delves into the mysteries of power of the state.
Philippe Schoeller, born in 1957, is a composer. He has written over 80 works performed worldwide by numerous ensembles including the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra, the Freiburg/Baden-Baden SWR Orchestra, the Hessischer Rundfunk Frankfurt Orchestra, the Radio France Orchestra, the Ensemble intercontemporain, and the Ensemble Modern. He has composed a triptych of works that associates instruments and electronics in connection with IRCAM over the past 20 years. This triptych consists of Feuillages for an orchestral ensemble and specialized electronics (1992), Vertigo Apocalypsis, an oratorio for mixed choir, orchestra, and specialized electronics (1997), and Operspective Hölderlin for soprano, string quartet, and WFS (2009).

Photo: Shooting of L'Exercice de l'État © Diaphana

Friday, June 15, 6:30pm / IRCAM, Igor-Stravinsky Room