Manifeste 2012
Day by day program / May, 2012
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Friday, June 1


Launch of ManiFeste-2012 and portrait of Philippe Manoury with the premiere of Echo-Diamónon.

Saturday, June 2

Le voyage

"Say, what did you see?" Johannes Maria Straud, today's authoritative young Austrian composer, sets sail toward the "Terra Nova" of electronics, taking over Baudelaire's founding interrogations put to music.

Friday, June 8


The crossing of contemporary piano from Philippe Manoury's work Pluton to Nicolas Tzortzis' silent piano.

Saturday, June 9

Ex Machina: Manoury - Berio

Musical thought today must be able to interact with the new technologies and to adapt itself creatively to every kind of space, exploring its virtualities and reshaping it acoustically. Luciano Berio

Sunday, June 10

Arditti Quartet

Performed for the first time by the Arditti Quartet in October 2010 in Donaueschingen, Stringendo is the second string quartet written by Philippe Manoury.

Monday, June 11

Diotima - Contet

While Tensio is Philippe Manoury's most experimental work to date, a comprehensive survey of technology and poetry (writing of the synthesis, polyphony in heterogeneous times), fruit of many hours spent in the studios and laboratories, Over the sea is Édith de Chizy's first dive into the world of electronics.

Tuesday, June 12

Accroche Note

For its first Parisian concert the Accroche Note ensemble will present works by composers with whom they have a friendly relationship.

Wednesday, June 13

Inferno - Synapse

Inferno, the large work by Yann Robin is his personal reading of Dante's Divine Comedy.

Saturday, June 16


Zyklus (1959), by Karlheinz Stockhausen, connects traditional writing with graphical notation and offers freedom to the percussionist; he can choose the beginning and end points within this spiral work.

Saturday, June 16

To Cry

Let me bleed is a form of requiem dedicated to the memory of Carlo Giuliani, a demonstrator killed during the Genoa Summit in 2001.

Sunday, June 17

Thomas Adès Recital

Composer, director, pianist, but also professor, Thomas Adès performs not two, but four roles. Scholarly and expressive, his music hypnotizes and makes references to the past through its constructions and citations.

Workshop-concert Bach/Boulez

Performing Bach or Boulez is performing the "polyphonic" violin in a given acoustic or in a created acoustic, with the assistance - or not - of electronics in real-time.

Thursday, June 21

Fête de la musique

Rendezvous with young creation: upon completion of the IRCAM Cursus program, Nicolas Mondon offers a dive into the universe of the prepared disklavier and electronics.

Friday, June 22

Au loin

The fragment-works by György Kurtág, aphorism of a lost language, are like messages in bottles cast in the direction of an alter ego; a poet and musician of another era.

Performance Master Classes

The performance master classes associate the repertoire of the 20th century with recent creation to exceed historic specializations. They offer a privileged access to a selection of mixed music works of reference, where the dimension of the sound projection is an integral part of the performance.

Composition Workshops

The composition workshops are intended for young composers who wish to complete a new work, taking advantage of the experience and advice from guest composers and performers throughout the work sessions and rehearsals.

Sunday, July 1


Thomas Adès, charismatic composer and director, is devoted to the ancient passion like György Kurtág. Directed by the soloists from the Conservatoire de Paris and the Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie have come together to perform Kurtág's magnificent Messages de feu Demoiselle R.V. Troussova.