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Day by day program / May, 2012
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ManiFeste-2012: The Plot of Time

How is a temporal plot created - be it sonorous, literary, theatrical, or visual? How do the necessary and plausible elements come to be? The creation of a lapse of time, of a wait, and of the unpredictable involves the creator, the performer, and the audience equally. In 2012, this plot will be performed in the choreography written and improvised by Thomas Hauert, in a sound montage danced by Alban Richard, by Raphaël Cendo and Valérie Sigward, and in the progression of time in the music of Philippe Manoury whose portrait will be sketched throughout ManiFeste-2012. At 60 years old, Philippe Manoury, pioneer of computer-music, has brought the synthesis of his art and his aesthetic to a head. His instrumental and electronic works, like his writing, create a debate with a younger generation, that of Yann Robin and Johannes Maria Staud, and with researchers such as the neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux: dialectical between severity and freedom, between the perception of forms and the organic quality of a work, an essential element of memory and musical invention in our culture. Another ManiFeste-2012 guest, Luca Francesconi, sees his vocation as an expression of a narrative and the emergence of musical meaning. The author of Plot in fiction, of Etymo based on the works of Baudelaire, and of Quartett based on the works of Heiner Müller, is a descendant of Luciano Berio.

The plot of time must be rewritten today based on scientific and technological discoveries. Temporal strategies of musicians, the time of anticipation for the brain and for the computer, time of fiction and of film editing, the oriented time of the physicist, the inexistent and produced time of the mathematician: at the heart of ManiFeste-2012 we find the international Symposium "Produce Time" that associates contributions by artists and researchers in mathematics, computer science, philosophy, cognitive sciences, and the humanities. From the "performance of time" to the "time of the performer", in a multitude of dissimilar aesthetics, ManiFeste-2012 is an invitation to a new school of the perceptible.

Frank Madlener