Manifeste 2012
Day by day program / May, 2012
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A new rendezvous for creation, an international festival and multidisciplinary academy in Paris, ManiFeste-2012 will bring together 80 artists and researchers in a shared space of expression: a break with traditional disciplinary limits. A manifest for surfacing creation and training, a manifest for performance and group projects (In Vivo Théâtre, In Vivo Danse), a manifest for invention and innovation, of the felt and of the understood. A conjunction of the spirits of the Agora festival and the Acanthes center - the festival's headliners will lead the academy's workshops - ManiFeste-2012 places music firmly among the "arts of time" (e.g. theater, dance, film, visual arts on stage, digital arts). The performer and technology are at the hearts of the practice of the academy and the scenario of the festival.

ManiFeste-2012 offers a new context to the Acanthes academy founded by Claude Samuel: that of a multidisciplinary context in action. The theatre workshops supervised by Ludovic Lagarde and In Vivo Danse led by Thomas Hauert and Thierry De Mey materialize the passage from laboratory to stage. The essential function of performance is reinforced via master classes where the perspectives of the repertoire and creation are not incompatible. At the heart of the academy, composition workshops led by Philippe Manoury and Luca Francesconi, with the assistance of Mauro Lanza, will provide young composers from around the globe work with the opportunity to work with top-notch professional performers. This inaugural edition of ManiFeste brings together 15 major actors from the domains of culture, education, research, particularly the Ensemble intercontemporain, the CENTQUATRE, and the Centre Pompidou (Spectacles vivants).  This festival also marks the launch of the new European network, Ulysses that supports the education of young composers by their elders, the journeys of learning, and the circulation of works throughout Europe. IRCAM continues here its beginnings on the performing arts stage, following the decisive adventures at the operas of Strasbourg and Lille, at La Scala in Milan, and at the Avignon Festival, landmarks for this manifest of the arts of time.